Preperation Meeting for the European symposium THEATRE POWER POLITICS

Fr, 20.11.2020 13:00 - Sa, 21.11.2020 13:00

Preperation Meeting und Workshop for the european symposium (German Version)

THEATRE POWER POLITICS (2021 in Berlin, Deutschland)

for theatre professionals in the context of cultural und political education


Theatre as a social artistic form is particularly suited to counteract the emerging intolerance, exclusion and racism with democratic positions. In theatre pedagogically oriented theatre work, psychosocial skills such as openness towards the other teammates, trust, mindfulness, the ability to discourse and tolerance of ambiguity are indispensable cornerstones that can be constantly developed in theatre processes. If they are given creative space for this, adolescents and young adults can use the medium of "theatre" to present their social concerns and political remarks, articulate their "view of the world" in a particularly impressive way and shape the artistic design themselves.

The international symposium 2021 will deal with the possibilities, approaches and special formats that exist in theatre and theatre pedagogical work in order to promote values and personal attitudes and skills such as openness, tolerance and the ability to discourse among native and immigrant youths and young adults and to strengthen the transcultural dialogue.

We would like to ask us: How should such projects be conceived and structured? Which attitudes of directing and gameleading are necessary and which topics and approaches are appropriate? What experiences have the european colleagues or also from Germany made in current projects?

The planned symposium wants to be a forum for professionals in theatre/cultural youth education to illustrate and discuss directions and positions of theatre and drama in education in Europe on these questions. Based on the conviction that it is valuable to live in free and open European societies, educational pathways and working methods should be discussed, valuing diversity and supporting pluralistic ways of life in which natives, refugees and migrants can communicate fruitfully, profitably and learning from each other and create something new together.

Organizer: Federal Association of Theatre Pedagogy. In cooperation: Institute for Theatre Pedagogy of the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

Place: Berlin, Jugendgästehaus (DJH - Cityhostel) International, Kluckstrasse 3, 10785 Berlin

Or take part through a video conferencing system, normaly Zoom or Microsoft Teams. For further information please contact the office of the federal german association theatre pedagogy:
Mrs Elisabeth Ostendorp
mail [at] butinfo [dot] de
+49 (221) 95210-93, (Thus/Wed: 10:00 – 13:00)

The european symposium is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth